ONLY these items go in your recycling bin

Other items will cause contamination and reduce the quality of recycling

Papers, newspapers, magazines and junk mail

Books, paperback and hardback

Cardboard, clean food packaging, boxes and cards

Aluminium foil and trays – roll foil into a ball

Food and drinks cans

Empty aerosols – no paint, fertilizer or weed killer

Plastic bottles – empty, wash, squash and lid on

Plastic yoghurt pots, tubs and food trays

DO NOT place any of these items in your recycling bin

They will spoil the recycling and YOUR BIN WILL NOT BE EMPTIED


Food and drink



Plastic bags & film

Small items (under 4cm)

Cartons / Tetra Pak / Crisp Packets / Pet Food Pouches / Polystyrene / Gas Cylinders / Mobile Phones / Batteries / Electrical Items / Needles & Medical Waste